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37th Annual John Balch Memorial

Vermont State Scholastic Chess Championships

K-12 Vermont students compete for state championship titles in the 37th Annual Vermont State Scholastic Chess Championships. The tournament is named in honor of John Balch, a great promoter of scholastic chess in Vermont, who passed away in 2004. He taught chess to hundreds of Vermont youth. Chess boards, pieces and clocks will be provided.

9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
9:45 AM
Round 1
10:00 AM
Round 2
15 Minutes After Completion of Round 1
Round 3
15 Minutes After Completion of Round 2
Round 4
15 Minutes After Completion of Round 3
Round 5
15 Minutes After Completion of Round 4
As Needed

This tournament is open to Vermont students in grades K through 12.  Participants must be Vermont residents or be enrolled in a Vermont public or private school.  No prior tournament experience is necessary.  Home schooled students are eligible, as long as they are Vermont residents and under 19 years of age.  Home schooled students in a program that doesn’t use traditional grade levels should enroll in a section appropriate to their age.


High School and 8th Grade sections will be USCF rated, and current USCF membership is required for participation in those sections. Please make certain that your membership is current prior to registration. You may obtain or update a USCF membership online at https://uschess.org.

All players must pre-register for the event. No walk-ins allowed. Registration closes on March 17th.  Registration may close prior to March 17th due to space limitations. Online registration only, no entries will be accepted via mail or email. Terms and Conditions apply.


The Vermont Scholastic Chess Championships will follow standard United States Chess Federation (USCF) rules for scholastic tournaments.


All players will play five rounds, there are no eliminations. The champion for each division will be determined by the best overall score after all rounds of play.


Each player will play five games, unless they receive a ‘bye’ due to an odd number of players in a division. A bye is worth one point (equivalent to a win.)  No player will receive more than one bye.  A player who arrives late and does not play in the first round (or any subsequent round) due to their tardiness will not be awarded a bye and will receive no points for the missed round. If a player needs to leave for any reason before the end of the event, the tournament director must be informed of the early withdrawal.


High School and 8th Grade sections will be USCF rated, and current USCF membership is required for participation in those sections.

  • All High School and 8th Grade games will use a chess clock. 
  • Matches will be “Game 30, Delay 0” meaning each player will have 30 minutes, for a total of 1 hour maximum per game, with no clock delay and no increment per move.
  • Clocks will be provided. 
  • USCF players are required to notate their games.  If unfamiliar with notation, do your best.  Notation becomes optional for both players once there is 5 minutes or less left on the clock for either player.

K-7th Grade sections will be unrated, and USCF membership is not required. 

  • K-7th first round pairing will be by random draw.
  • Pairing for subsequent rounds will follow Swiss pairing rules, which matches players who have accumulated a similar score for the day’s event.
  • All games in each round are expected to be completed within one hour. 
  • Any game lasting longer than 40 minutes will have a clock applied to assure timely completion. 
  • Players are encouraged to notate their games (i.e. write down each move as it is made) but it is not required.

Individual Competitions: Sections subject to change based on number of attendees.

Kindergarten: Awards 1st – 5th

1st Grade: Awards 1st – 5th

2nd Grade: Awards 1st – 5th

3rd Grade: Awards 1st – 5th

4th Grade: Awards 1st – 5th

5th Grade: Awards 1st – 5th (Winner: Rockefeller Tournament)

6th Grade: Awards 1st – 5th

7th Grade: Awards 1st – 5th

8th Grade: Awards 1st – 5th (USCF Required) (Winner: Barber Tournament)

9-12th Grades: Awards 1st – 5th (USCF Required)  (Winner: Denker Tournament) (Winner/Girls State Champion: Haring Tournament)

NOTE: Any player in grades 6th-7th who is interested in competing for the opportunity to represent Vermont in the national Barber Tournament must declare their intent during the registration process and compete in the 8th Grade division instead of their actual grade level. Any player in grades K-4th who is interested in competing for the opportunity to represent Vermont in the national Rockefeller event must declare their intent during the registration process and compete in the 5th Grade division instead of their actual grade level.

  • Grades 6th-8th Middle School
  • Grades 9th-12th High School

A team championship will be awarded to the players representing a school (not a club) with the highest aggregate score, based on the following criteria:

  • The top four scores achieved by players from the same school will be added and become the team score.  The highest total score wins.
  • A team may have less than four players, but a minimum of two players.
  • A school may be represented by more than four players, but only the highest four scores will count toward the team score.
  • It is not necessary to register as a team — simply indicate the school attended on the registration form and the player will automatically represent that school.
  • Home school players: If you wish to participate in the team competition, please select the public school district in which you reside. If you do not wish to participate in the team competition, choose Home School/No Team.
  • The tournament is primarily an individual competition, so players from the same school may need to play against each other during the tournament according to Swiss Pairing rules.
  • Playoff games typically do not add to a score.  For example, say you have a two-way tie at the top with 4.5 points, so you have a playoff game between those players.  One wins and gets the first place trophy and the other gets second, but they both still achieve 4.5 points toward their team score.

All national tournaments correspond with the U.S. Chess Open and this year are being held in Norfolk, Virginia from July 27-30, 2024. Participation and final results in eligible sections serve as a qualifier for national-level tournaments, yet we hold no authority over these subsequent events. Nominees are responsible for bearing their own costs and expenses for national-level tournament participation. 

2023 Denker National High School Selection

The top finishing student in the High School division will be selected as the Vermont representative to the Denker Tournament of High School Champions, a national competition with a representative from each state (Denker Tournament Details).

2024 WIM Ruth Haring National Tournament of Girls State Champions:

The top finishing female student in the High School division will be selected as the Vermont representative to the WIM Ruth Haring National Tournament of Girls State Champions, a national competition with a representative from each state (Haring Tournament Details).

2023 Barber National Middle School Selection

The top finishing student in the Middle School division will be selected as the Vermont representative to the Barber Tournament of Middle School Champions, a national competition with a representative from each state (Barber Tournament Details).

NOTE: Any player in grades 6-8 who is interested in competing for the opportunity to represent Vermont in the national Barber Tournament must declare their intent during the registration process and compete in the Grade 8 division instead of their actual grade level.

2023 Rockefeller National Elementary School Selection

The top finishing student in the Grade 5 division will be selected as the Vermont representative to the Rockefeller Tournament of Elementary School Champions, a national competition with a representative from each state (Rockefeller Tournament Details).

NOTE: Any player in grades K-4 who is interested in competing for the opportunity to represent Vermont in the national Rockefeller event must declare their intent during the registration process and compete in the Grade 5 division instead of their actual grade level.


Ties:   If there is a tie for the top position, the event results will be checked to see if the top tied players have already played each other that day. If they have and there was a winner of that game, that player will be declared the winner of the event. If not, a playoff game will be played between the tied players to determine the champion. If that game ends in stalemate, additional games will be played at successively reduced time controls until a winner is declared. Ties in all other positions except the top position will remain ties.


A word about notation:  Notating chess games is not hard; it just takes a little practice to get into the habit of writing down your moves after you make them.  A printable notation sheet can be found here.  There are many places to learn notation online, and we believe that if you can play Battleship, you can notate chess!  Notation has many benefits including the ability to review your games after the event, as well as help to correct errors and resolve disputes.

Results: Players’ name, division and results will be published on this website after the event concludes. For rated sections of the tournament, those player’s results will be shared with US Chess in accordance with their reporting rules.


If registration and/or USCF membership fees are a financial hardship, please use the contact form to request a scholarship.  Scholarships are available, and no one should fail to participate for lack of funds.


A variety of food (pizza, hot dogs, snacks) and drinks will be available for purchase from the Craftsbury Booster Club, please send your player with CASH if they wish to purchase food. This tournament does NOT have a dedicated lunch hour, players should eat between rounds. Players are welcome to bring their own lunch and are highly encouraged to bring multiple water bottles (see below).


Please be advised that water at Craftsbury Academy is under a DO NOT DRINK order until well repairs can be completed following the spring thaw. Please ensure that you send your player with enough water for the entire day, water is also available for purchase. Well water is not used when preparing food at Craftsbury Academy.


The tournament will be held at Craftsbury Academy,1422 N Craftsbury Rd, Craftsbury Common, VT 05827. Parking is limited in front of the school and surrounding Craftsbury Common, additional parking and all bus parking is available one block north of Craftsbury Academy at Dustan Field (Dustan Road).  SCHOOL BUS PARKING is available at Dustan Field.


Wi-Fi and cellular service is limited, please plan accordingly. Please also note that electronic communication devices are not allowed during Tournament play (see USCF Rule 20N).  


Spectators are not allowed to remain in classrooms or tournament rooms during tournament play. Spectators are asked to congregate in the Craftsbury Academy gymnasium. The Craftsbury Public Library is a 0.1 mile walk from Craftsbury Academy and offers public Wi-Fi. There are many lovely walking paths surrounding the school, as well as an outdoor playground. Players will be dismissed to the gymnasium following each round of play. All players and spectators are expected to behave in a respectful manner toward other players, spectators, and volunteers, while also respecting school property. Anyone in violation of these standards will be asked to leave and will receive a 0 for any rounds not completed due to failure to comply with tournament standards.



How to Read Individual Results:
Each game is represented with a three character code: a symbol, a letter, and a number.  The symbol represents the result of the game, where + indicates a win, indicates a loss, and = is a draw.  The letter indicates whether the player had the W (white) or B (black) pieces.  The number indicates the player that the game was against, corresponding to the number in the Player Number column.  For example, the code +B4 would indicate that the player won the game playing with black pieces against the person on line 4.

K – 1st Grade Section

PlacePlayer #NameRtgPointsRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5
11Emery McArthur04.0=W4=B5+B8+W11+W2
22Elijah Schwartz03.5+B6+W9+B3=W4-B1
23Cyrus McCarty03.5+B12=W7-W2+B8+B5
34Charles Shirley03.0=B1=W8+B9=B2=W7
35Owen Miller03.0=B8=W1+B11+B6-W3
36Anderson Weng03.0-W2+B10+B7-W5+W9
37Jude Warfisch03.0+B11=B3-W6+W10=B4
48Cyprien Kobielski02.0=W5=B4-W1-W3+BYE
49Julius Lebow02.0+W10-B2-W4+BYE-B6
410Connor Rosato02.0-B9-W6+W12-B7+B11
511Chloe Ivanov01.0-W7+B12-W5-B1-W10
612Slate Hancy (W)00.0-W3-W11-B10

2nd Grade Section

PlacePlayer #NameRtgPointsRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5
11Asa McCallum04.5+W6+B2=W3+B5+W4
22Abe Tobin03.5=B3-W1+B4+W6+B5
33Edda Ekstrom03.0=W2+B5=B1-W4+B6
44Oliver Garbarino02.5=W5+B6-W2+B3-B1
55Bennett Bush01.5=B4-W3+B6-W1-W2
66Gibson Fasciana00.0-B1-W4-W5-B2-W3

3rd Grade Section

PlacePlayer #NameRtgPointsRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5
11Ava Druzgalski05.0+W4+B3+W9+B2+B5
22Joshua Scott04.0+W5+B6+W7-W1+B4
23Liam Miller04.0+W8-W1+B12+B7+W9
34Lawrence Fox03.0-B1+W12+W10+B6-W2
35William Bush03.0-B2+BYE+W8+B9-W1
36Madison Potter03.0+B12-W2+B13-W4+B10
47Rory Dillon02.5+W11+B13-B2-W3=W8
48Evan Schweikert02.5-B3+W11-B5+W13=B7
59Keegan Labor02.0+W13+B10-B1-W5-B3
510Zephyr Amato02.0+BYE-W9-B4+B11-W6
511Jasper Valcour-Greenia02.0-B7-B8+BYE-W10+W12
612Izzy Sorensen01.0-W6-B4-W3+BYE-B11
613Audrey Patch01.0-B9-W7-W6-B8+BYE

4th Grade Section

PlacePlayer #NameRtgPointsRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5
11William Clere05.0+W14+B12+W11+B2+W4
22John Simpson04.0+W12+B3+B8-W1+W11
23Dylan Flippin04.0+B15-W2+W10+B6+W5
34Eli Chambers03.5+W9=B10+W13+B8-B1
45Mickey Brown03.0-B8+W17+W7+B11-B3
46Luzsa Hadik03.0+W13-B11+W9-W3+B14
47Kieran Wyckoff03.0+B17-W8-B5+W16+B12
58Devin Albritton02.5+W5+B7-W2-W4=B9
59O’Ryan Eastman02.5-B4+W18-B6+B13=W8
510Roman LaBounty02.5+B18=W4-B3-W12+B16
611Holden Bevington02.0+B16+W6-B1-W5-B2
612Aiden Vanscoy02.0-B2-W1+B16+B10-W7
613Deeno Courchaine02.0-B6+W15-B4-W9+W18
614Jesse Lebow02.0-B1-W16+B17+B15-W6
715Nova Pollock01.5-W3-B13+B18-W14=B17
816Peregrine Bongaarts Weiss01.0-W11+B14-W12-B7-W10
817August Sternberg01.0-W7-B5-W14=B18=W15
918Jayleigh French00.5-W10-B9-W15=W17-B13

5th Grade Section

PlacePlayer #NameRtgPointsRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5
11Oisin Murphy04.5+B10+W15=B2+W5+B4
22Warren Bright04.0+W12+B20=W1=B10+W6
23Sahas Muthinti04.0+B8+W16+B15-W4+B7
34Harsha Chadive03.5+B9+W6=B5+B3-W1
35Patrick McCracken03.5+W19+B11=W4-B1+W10
46Owen Hughes03.0+B7-B4+W11+W13-B2
47Indi Seret03.0-W6+B14+W17+B8-W3
48Jack Christiano03.0-W3+B18+W9-W7+B12
49Oscar Razionale03.0-W4+B19-B8+W11+B15
510Finn Nunery02.5-W1+B12+W16=W2-B5
611James Stinson02.0+B18-W5-B6-B9+W19
612Linden Fox02.0-B2-W10+W18+B16-W8
613Sky Belmore02.0-B16=W17+W20-B6=B14
614Nevaeh Canales02.0-B15-W7=W19+B20=W13
715Alice LaChance01.5+W14-B1-W3=B17-W9
716Lane Fortune01.5+W13-B3-B10-W12=W20
717Noah Lasher (W)01.5=W20=B13-B7=W15
718Shelby Trudo01.5-W11-W8-B12=B19+BYE
819Isaiah Martel01.0-B5-W9=B14=W18-B11
820Evelyn Patch01.0=B17-W2-B13-W14=B16

6th Grade Section

PlacePlayer #NameRtgPointsRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5
11Vivek Chadive05.0+BYE+W18+B10+B2+W8
22Monroe Schwartz04.0+B8+W9+B3-W1+B7
23Hollis Allen04.0+W7+B4-W2+B12+W6
24Kriyan Metla04.0+B13-W3+B17+W9+B10
35Nimish Jaliparthi03.5+W14+B11=W6-B8+B13
46Jonah Wohlberg03.0+B17+W12=B5=W13-B3
47Owen Streicher03.0-B3+BYE+W11+B18-W2
48Clara Zhang03.0-W2+B20+W21+W5-B1
49Dustin Sargent03.0+W15-B2+W19-B4+W16
410Julian Bongaarts Weiss03.0+W18+B19-W1+B14-W4
411Charles Grzankowski03.0+B16-W5-B7+W17+B15
412Oliver Ratta03.0+W21-B6+W20-W3+B14
513Benjamin Daub02.5-W4+B21+W15=B6-W5
614Dante McCarron02.0-B5+W16+B18-W10-W12
615Noah Gingras02.0-B9+W17-B13+W21-W11
616Lily Sorensen02.0-W11-B14+BYE+W19-B9
717Avery Boyce01.0-W6-B15-W4-B11+B19
718Ben Blanchard01.0-B10-B1-W14-W7+B21
719Rico Canales01.0+W20-W10-B9-B16-W17
720Iris Jacobs (W)01.0-B19-W8-B12+BYE
821Garrett Patch00.0-B12-W13-B8-B15-W18

7th Grade Section

PlacePlayer #NameRtgPointsRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5
11Levi Koger04.0+W8-B10+W13+B15+W2
22Elias Supernaw04.0+B15+W6+W10+B3-B1
33Max Royan03.5+B4=W5+B11-W2+W8
34Amie Wilhelm03.5-W3+B12+W15=B8+W6
35Theodore West03.5+W14=B3-W6+B10+W11
46Christopher Tongolei03.0+W12-B2+B5+W11-B4
47Tatum Raphael03.0-B11-W15+BYE+B14+W10
58William Kimberley-Stridsberg02.5-B1+BYE+W14=W4-B3
59Paul Cassarino02.5-W10=B14-W12+BYE+B13
610Cailin Fitzgerald02.0+B9+W1-B2-W5-B7
611Garth Kurts02.0+W7+B13-W3-B6-B5
612Russell DesJardins02.0-B6-W4+B9-W13+B15
613Zayden Greiner02.0+BYE-W11-B1+B12-W9
714James Reynolds01.5-B5=W9-B8-W7+BYE
815Stella Cusack01.0-W2+B7-B4-W1-W12

8th Grade Section

PlacePlayer #NameRtgPointsRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5
11Blake Bentley14415.0+B13+W10+B3+B2+W5
22Alexander Collins18634.0+B14+W6+B4-W1+B3
33Roland Ekstrom15373.0+W12+B8-W1+B7-W2
34Luke Lawson03.0+W9+B7-W2-W5+B11
35Noah Schwartz12633.0-W8+B16+W9+B4-B1
36Piper Hall9803.0+W15-B2+W12+B8-W7
37Aiden Green11173.0+B11-W4+B14-W3+B6
38Ignacio Montague03.0+B5-W3+B10-W6+B14
39Brayden McEnany8723.0-B4+W11-B5+W14+B10
410Jordon Wright4902.0+W16-B1-W8+B13-W9
411Killian Barry02.0-W7-B9+W16+B12-W4
412Charles Lasher02.0-B3+W13-B6-W11+B15
413Christian Bloom02.0-W1-B12+W15-W10+B16
514Ada Allen1031.0-W2+B15-W7-B9-W8
515Leland Goodroe01.0-B6-W14-B13+W16-W12
616Savannah Loder00.0-B10-W5-B11-B15-W13

9th-12th Grade Section

PlacePlayer #NameRtgPointsRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5
11Elijah Cummings19505.0+W23+B17+W6+B2+W3
22Shea Winter17674.0+B8+W5+B9-W1+W11
23Samuel Hayward11874.0+B21+W7+B19+W4-B1
24Cameron Stultz17004.0+W25+B16+W10-B3+W7
25Truman Bates7884.0+W20-B2+W22+B18+W8
36Jacob Graham16583.0+B13+W11-B1-W7+B15
37Riley Ashe5553.0+W26-B3+W17+B6-B4
38Misha Chirkov3313.0-W2+B20+W23+B10-B5
39Sergio Sotomonte11953.0+W22+B12-W2-B11+W16
310Isaac Stebbins8293.0+W24+B15-B4-W8+B21
311William Lawson7103.0+W28-B6+W24+W9-B2
312Benjamin Gale5533.0+B19-W9-W15+B23+W18
313Reason Hutchins2823.0-W6-B24+W25+B17+W20
314Braiden Pearson5563.0-B15+W27-B18+W26+B19
415Jackson Kitts02.5+W14-W10+B12=B16-W6
416Sawyer Thibodeau7672.5+B27-W4+B21=W15-B9
517Merlin Gwozdz8182.0+B18-W1-B7-W13+B24
518Brett McCracken02.0-W17+B23+W14-W5-B12
519Trenton Siwko02.0-W12+B25-W3+B24-W14
520Dhruv Patel02.0-B5-W8+B28+W27-B13
521Andrew Royan02.0-W3+B26-W16+B28-W10
522Alexis Hanvey02.0-B9+W28-B5-W25+B26
623Brandon Driver3741.0-B1-W18-B8-W12+B25
624Avery Mulligan01.0-B10+W13-B11-W19-W17
625Connor Lamothe3261.0-B4-W19-B13+B22-W23
626Quinn Leno01.0-B7-W21+B27-B14-W22
627Elizabeth Daley01.0-W16-B14-W26-B20+W28
728Hannah Bolio00.0-B11-B22-W20-W21-B27
Tournament Registration Purchase Agreement

You have chosen to purchase a registration to participate in the a Chess Tournament (the “Tournament”) organized by the Craftsbury Chess Club pursuant to this Tournament Registration Agreement (the “Agreement”). You have purchased admission as or on behalf of a participant in the Tournament. The price and benefits of that participation are set forth on the registration page.

Full payment is due upon completion of registration and must be received to reserve your admission to the Tournament. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Please note that local and state governments, as well as venue(s), may have various health and safety protocols and/or requirements (“protocols”) that attendees must follow. Failing to follow such protocols does not entitle you to a refund. You are responsible for understanding all such protocols. The Craftsbury Chess Club has no part in creating these protocols.

Your agree that your registration is non-refundable, excepting a complete cancellation of the tournament. You further agree that this order is non-transferable and shall not be resold.

Terms of this Agreement:

1. Location of Tournament: This Tournament is scheduled to take place at the time and place stated on the registration page. In the event Craftsbury Chess Club determines, in its discretion, the need to relocate the Tournament for any reason, it will make reasonable efforts to notify you prior to the start of the Tournament. In the event of a cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances, all registrations will be automatically refunded. You understand that you are responsible for all costs incurred to attend the Tournament.

2. Duration of Tournament: The Tournament is scheduled to begin and end according to the published schedule. These dates are subject to change with reasonable notice. You are responsible for ensuring your ability to attend these days. You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the Tournament.

3. Limitation on Liability: In no event shall the Craftsbury Chess Club, or its affiliates, be liable for any damages or legal liability resulting from Attendee or player’s attendance of the Tournament.

4. Severability: In the event any portion of this Agreement is deemed unenforceable, the Court should strike the unenforceable portion of the Agreement and enforce the remainder of the Agreement.

5. Merger Clause: These terms, in combination and inclusive of the “Photo Release Acknowledgment and Consent” and “Acknowledgement and Consent for Publication of Results” represent the final terms and conditions governing registration for the Tournament, and no alleged prior agreements or understandings shall be of any force or effect.

6. Venue and Governing Law: Venue for any dispute shall be in Orleans County, Vermont. The laws of the state of Vermont shall apply.

7. Tournament Attendance Liability Waiver: By attending and/or participating in Tournament and Tournament related activities, you hereby agree that neither Craftsbury Chess Club, nor any of its managers, employees, volunteers, affiliates or agents, is responsible for any injury or loss you may sustain, regardless of its cause, including that of ordinary negligence on behalf of Craftsbury Chess Club, its managers, volunteers, employees, or agents.

8. Consent to Reasonable Modifications: In order to effectuate this Agreement and hold the Tournament as intended, Craftsbury Chess Club may be required to make certain changes that are consistent with that purpose. Attendee hereby consents to such minor modifications, beyond those expressly permitted by this Agreement.

By proceeding with your registration you agree to these terms and conditions, and the entirety of this Agreement.